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                8 years of experience in the vibrating plate industry;

                Have a fully automated production line and testing equipment.

                02Professional R & D team

                Have a group of experienced professional development and design teams for vibrating discs;

                Independent research and development, provide a complete set of feeding solutions。

                03Quality Assurance

                In strict accordance with the company quality assurance system, quality and process standards to implement and complete;

                Continuous research and development, innovation, improve product quality, reduce costs, and provide customers with stable products.

                04Attentive Service

                Provide installation videos and send technical engineers to guide installation and commissioning;

                Intimate after-sales service team, quick response 7x24 hours。

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                About us

                Shenzhen Xingyue Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

                Shenzhen Xingyue Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production, processing and wholesale of ceramic ferrules, optical fibers, hardware, terminals, medical equipment, stainless steel, precision, electronics, LED, high-end, non-standard and other vibrating disk products. Since its establishment in 2013, Xingyue Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the business philosophy of leading technology and quality first. At present, it has a complete and scientific quality management system, domestic leading production equipment and advanced production technology. The products can be delivered quickly while satisfying various special performances of customers. The integrity, strength and product quality of the equipment have been recognized by the industry, and it has a good cooperative relationship with many well-known companies in the world and domestic, such as South China Group, TCL, LG, etc. In the hardware, electronics, automobiles, clocks, batteries, food, connectors, micro-motor motors, cosmetics, medical equipment and other industries, thousands of successful cases of vibrating plates have been developed, and the automatic...


                Production and development of vibrating plate

                Continuous improvement, continuous innovation

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